Wednesday, 19 December 2012


The Marketing of Prometheus
-There were two different trailers released. The British marketing manager did not want the film to be anything to do with the previous film Alien therefore in the trailer there is no background music whereas in the American trailer there is the alien theme tune. The only correlation in the British trailer is the font of the word ‘Prometheus’ right at the very end.
-The trailers were released subtly, and were not intended to be popular in order for the appropriate target audience to find them and share with others in the category of audiences.
- They released a fake TED talk set in 2013 attracting over 6,000 retweets on twitter and over 21,000 facebook likes.
-They released viral posters.
-They set up a promotion website which looked like a real company included statistics on employees, locations and other facts.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Soundtrack to 'Humanoid'

Monday, 17 September 2012

GHD Advert


The woman in the advert is the main focus of the advert. She is dressed in a quite revealing red dress. This could connote passion, love, lust and also danger or blood. This gives us the message that not only is she romantic and attractive, but she also has a fierce side contrasting with our initial judgement. Above her there are two cherubs holding what looks like a halo over her head. This suggests that her hair is ‘perfect’ as angels are usually used to represent perfection. This denotes that she is angelic, pure and innocent and has been ‘made’ by angels, as the words say ‘made not born.’ It could also suggest that she was made by the angels/cherubs and had come down from heaven as there are steps behind her, like the stairway to heaven and she is spotlight like the typical pictures of heaven and the sun shining down. She is looking down upon the three men around her; this denotes confidence and her superiority contrasting with the stereotypical view that men are superior over women as they are on their knees with their arms up towards her praising her and showing her respect.
The advert is situated in a typically urban, underground location. It is dark and dirty, but even though is grim, she is still beautiful and can stand out through anything. The fact that the men have a skull and cross bones on their shirts connotes that they could be representing hell, and her red dress represents the devil. The men praising her could be because she is their leader, again connoting her dominance and the men’s location and clothing could suggest that they are of a lower status, and wouldn’t normally care about someone’s hair, but this woman who has used these GHD’s is an exception.
There are a few religious hints in this advert as at the bottom, where the product is light up in the same way as the woman, it says “a new religion for your hair.” This could connote that the product and the woman are representing the North Star, leading the three wise men (there are three men around her) to their destiny (the woman). The text at the side is also set out like a quote from the bible or a fairytale story, suggesting that if you use this product, all of the once unrealistic affects, will become real and that the customer will be nothing but satisfied.